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Improving Education: 

Coming from a family full of teachers including his wife, mother, and sister-in-law, Richard Stuart understands that a great teacher can make a lifetime of difference in every child’s life. Public education is the backbone of the community, and  Richard is committed to recruiting and retaining the best teachers so that our children can excel. As our State Senator, Richard Stuart has advocated for teacher pay increases and ensuring the legislature does not pass unfunded mandates to the schools. Richard also understands the importance of higher education.  In the Senate, he has continuously been a supporter of the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant and has fought for greater transparency in tuition rates.



Families should not have to plan their day to day lives around congestion. Time spent sitting in traffic means time away from our families, diminished productivity for businesses, and loss of the quality of life that makes living in Virginia so great. As our State Senator, Richard Stuart has recognized the unjust method of the state’s  prioritization of transportation project. This is why he has fought to revise the system so that more funding is given to the Stafford and Fredericksburg regions. Richard has also been a strong advocate to allow shoulder access on I-95 during rush hour, with a change expected soon. Finally, Richard has stood for finding new ways to dedicate funding to transportation without raising taxes.


Smart Growth: 

As our State Senator, Richard Stuart will continue to use his experience as a land use attorney to reduce sprawl and maintain the character of our communities and quality of life. Transportation and infrastructure needs must be addressed as we grow – not after we have out grown them! This is why he has put forth legislation allowing greater flexibility in the process for determining impacts to be addressed when counties are considering an application for development. Richard has also fought for expanding broadband access to rural areas of the Commonwealth. 


Demanding Fiscal Responsibility: 

Virginia families and businesses already pay too much in taxes. Richard Stuart is one of the strongest voices for fiscal responsibility in Richmond, and he has consistently fought to lower taxes on hard working Virginians while looking for ways to reduce wasteful government spending and bureaucracy.


Ensuring Safe Communities: 

As a former prosecutor, Richard Stuart has worked hard as our State Senator to strengthen our judicial system, and enact laws to keep our streets and communities safe. He has worked to try to strengthen Virginia’s protective orders and help those who have been domestically abused. Richard understands the growing concerns of our children in schools. This is why he has worked on legislation to ensure there is a school security officer and school nurse at every Virginia public school.


Promoting Conservation: 

As Chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources Committee, Richard has been a strong voice for conservation and keeping the Chesapeake Bay and other waterways clean. Richard has fought to prevent certain areas of Virginia from further polluting the Potomac River. Furthermore, he has put forth legislation to protect the sustainability of groundwater and control fracking.


Defending Our Constitutional Rights: 

Having served in the United States Marine Corps and as an avid hunter, Richard is strong supporter of the our 2nd Amendment rights. As our state senator, Richard will continue to ensure these rights are upheld by the Virginia General Assembly. Richard has continuously fought for the rights of law abiding concealed carry permit holders.


Active Duty Military and Veterans: 

Richard Stuart values the sacrifices of our active duty military personnel, veterans, and their families. As Virginia has one of the largest active duty and veteran populations in the country and having served in the Marine Corps himself, Richard remains focus on providing employment and educational opportunities for service members and their families.


Defending Virginia Values: 

As a husband and father, Richard Stuart believes family and faith set the foundations of our community, state, and country. Richard has consistently fought for measures protecting religious liberties and right to life.

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